Book Review/Spotlight: Grad Night

Book: Grad Night
Links to purchase: Universal
Author: Carver Pike
Genre: Horror
Pages: 194
Synopsis (from Amazon):
“School should never be synonymous with danger, but that’s exactly what it has become. Students are violent, with each other and with the staff. Teachers and administrators have been attacked. This is nothing like the school shootings occurring on other campuses. No, this is personal. It doesn’t revolve around one child wanting revenge on the rest of the student body. It involves most of the students wanting payback against everyone.

Something far worse than teenage rage lurks in the Darrius Sawyer High corridors. Everyone can sense it. Teachers hint about it. They speak in hushed tones, tell stories about odd occurrences in their classrooms, and travel by numbers as they make their way to their cars after school.

Evil walks the hallways and the teachers know its name: James Bender.

At DS High, the seniors are planning the ultimate Grad Night bash, and all the teachers are invited. James Bender will be there. You will be too.

Carver Pike takes ordinary circumstances, cinches them tight with razor wire, and then saws back and forth. Gasp for air, holler for help, and pray for an end to the madness.” (description got off Amazon)
This book was gifted to me to read

This is definitely not for children to read.

This book had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Some of the main characters are a bit profane and some descriptions are graphic, so if graphic descriptions aren’t up your alley, you may want to skip it but if you’re not squeamish, this is a really good book. If you love gory and brutal scenes, this is a great book for you.

Unlike many books that flip from one point of view to another, each chapter is labeled with which character is talking and their point of view, I appreciated that the most.

The story follows two of the teachers directly. The main good students are lovable and the bad students had me wanting to jump in the story and shoot them myself.


The concept of the Graduation night party had me thinking- I have had teachers I didn’t get along with, who gave me failing grades and even had one embarass me because I had undiagnosed Asthma and couldn’t run- I was called lazy and forced to run (luckily, my asthma was never bad enough and I learned to regulate my breathing but I was later diagnosed as an adult)

Even the ones who failed me and berated me for not running, I could never conceive doing what the demonic psychopaths in the book did.

I was sitting at my computer, reading and getting madder and madder. I had times I almost started crying and other times, laughing. This is one of the books you can lose yourself in.

If you like gore, horror, aren’t easily offended and love losing yourself in a book written from the view point of two of the most lovable characters in the whole book, you should definately check this one out.




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