Best Things About Writing Fantasy

Writing is a lot of fun in any genre. It gives you the chance to create your dream version of yourself. You can live through your characters, make up your own worlds, languages and anything else- it’s the ultimate way to exercise your imagination.

When writing fantasy, things are slightly different. If you don’t want to write factually, you just make the details up. World building is a lot of fun. I started one time during Nano in 2012 and got addicted from the start. That project has been tabled, because I’m working beyond just a novel and I’m trying to build a whole universe around the characters.

I call it my “baby” and will be publishing it- once it turns out as detailed and a perfect as I imagine it when I’m writing (the name of the series is “The Cursed One,” the second book was my first ever novel attempted and I have the rough draft finished)

Here are my top reasons for why fantasy is my favorite genre to write.

1. World building is fun. You can create your ideal world, a dream world or the world of your nightmares. You can put any items you want and name all the parts of the world

2. It’s a clean slate- the whole genre is made up- creatures that never existed, humans with superpowers, no laws, authoritarian government- nothing needs to be based in anyway in reality. It’s a total clean slate and you are the one in total control of what happens and how it happens.

3. Either reading someone else’s work or writing your own is a total escape from the mundane or stress-filled aspects of life. If you’re in a stressful situation in real life or you’re bored with the mundane, writing a good fantasy world is a way of escaping and throwing yourself into the magic of your own making. You can design characters around yourself and others, and have them be the version of yourself that you want to be. Most of my main female characters in most of my works look the same- they are all based on how I wish I was- careers, bodies, features, personality traits and everything else.

There are so many other reasons fantasy is one of the most fun genres but those are my top 3.

If you’re a fantasy writer, what are yours?

I’d love to hear others beyond the creative outlet and escaping the mundane reality of life.


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