Fantasy Book Series Review: The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle” was written by L.J. Smith, the writer of “The Vampire Diaries.”

The book follows Cassie Blake, a young witch born to two of the most powerful lines. Her mom fled to a new town to raise her normal and gave up witchcraft until she was murdered and Cassie was moved back to her grandma in her mom’s hometown. The rest of the circle already knew who they were and were anxiously awaiting the last member to arrive and give their circle their full strength.

Despite working and having kids, I still couldn’t put the books down. I would lay in bed reading half the night. I knew the basics because of the TV show (it ran one season on the CW in 2011, right after Vampire Diaries).

The book had many different characters from the show and the show added some of my favorite characters that were not in the book, which was a disappointment but for the most part, it was just as good as the show. (I’m opposite from most, I tend to like the show more than the books in many cases), and it says a lot for me to say I liked them both equally because I was so obsessed with the show, it was how my middle child got her name. I cried when I found out the series was cancelled and reading the books gave me some of the closure I needed from the cliff hanger the show ended on.

If you like young adult fantasy, witchcraft, magick and demon fighting, you will like this book series and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good series to really get hooked on.


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