Book Review: Quiet Waters by Cynthia Cain

Title: Quiet Waters
Written by: Cynthia Cain
Published on April 12, 2019
Published by: Clear Fork Publishing
ISBN 195016909X

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I would like to thank Cynthia Cain personally for gifting me the book in exchange for doing a review.

Quiet Waters is about Brie Birlow, a just-turned 18 year old high school senior who’s mother just died. Immediately after the funeral, she starts living a real life horror story that threatens her friends, family and her whole life. She has to work fast to piece things together before a darkness from her past takes her over and takes her away from everything she loves.

Here is another book I could hardly put down. Due to the way it was written, I kept losing myself in it. Now, I wouldn’t list this as a fantasy book, I consider it a horror- it had me afraid of going to bed one night until I remembered it was just a book and I was NOT living it myself.

The main character is easy to grow to love and it doesn’t give anything away too fast but even the slower parts of the book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. As I got closer to the end, I had to take breaks because it had me so nervous it almost gave me a few anxiety attacks.

I love any book that will legitimate scare me and this one had me feeling the same danger and excitement she felt in the book. I definitely would recommend any supernatural or horror fans to read this book, you won’t be disappointed.


Book Review: Stories From the Vale: the Path of the Dragonfly

This is a sponsored post, shared on two websites. I was reimbursed for the book and paid to give an honest review.

Title: Stories From the Vale: the Path of the Dragonfly
Written by: Kathy Ann Trueman
Published on September 21, 2018
Published by: Writer’s Exchange E Publishing
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Stories From the Vale: the Path of the Dragonfly is written by Kathy Ann Trueman. The book follows former soldier/farmer Shak after he is released from jail. As he is sent on a journey to reunite two children who were separated from their families and on a personal side quest of revenge he ends up in a major plot twist you don’t see coming.

This ended up being a book I could hardly put down. It took me a little while to read, but only due to my daily life. I finally stayed up until 2am to finish and I do not regret how tired I am. This book was one that almost felt like I was going through withdrawals after reading and I’m really hoping she’ll have more and this will be a series.
This is a great fantasy novel that I found myself watching mentally while reading. There are no pictures, but I got a vivid sense of what each character looked like from early on and the vision I had of the elves still has me uneasy (and in most fantasy cases, I like elves more than other races). Even the slow parts kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next.

I’m now waiting to see when the next gets published and recommending this book to everyone who likes fantasy.

If you like action, excitement, old fashion travel (riding horses) and fighting with swords, you’ll love this book. There is plenty of magic and a brand new take on Elves. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good fantasy novel.

Fantasy Book Series Review: The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle” was written by L.J. Smith, the writer of “The Vampire Diaries.”

The book follows Cassie Blake, a young witch born to two of the most powerful lines. Her mom fled to a new town to raise her normal and gave up witchcraft until she was murdered and Cassie was moved back to her grandma in her mom’s hometown. The rest of the circle already knew who they were and were anxiously awaiting the last member to arrive and give their circle their full strength.

Despite working and having kids, I still couldn’t put the books down. I would lay in bed reading half the night. I knew the basics because of the TV show (it ran one season on the CW in 2011, right after Vampire Diaries).

The book had many different characters from the show and the show added some of my favorite characters that were not in the book, which was a disappointment but for the most part, it was just as good as the show. (I’m opposite from most, I tend to like the show more than the books in many cases), and it says a lot for me to say I liked them both equally because I was so obsessed with the show, it was how my middle child got her name. I cried when I found out the series was cancelled and reading the books gave me some of the closure I needed from the cliff hanger the show ended on.

If you like young adult fantasy, witchcraft, magick and demon fighting, you will like this book series and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good series to really get hooked on.